Schedule of Events






Psychotherapy/Counseling Sessions:

Individual: 50 minute session (Some insurances will reimburse for out of network provider.)  $70

Couple and family sessions: 50 minutes $90

Longer psychotherapy sessions may be arranged.



Wisdom of the Body

Third Wednesday Every Month, 700-9:00 pm

Great Hall, Trinity Episcopal Church, 106 Chapel St, Fayetteville

These sessions will lead us into a treasure trove of Wisdom—one that only the body can access. We will be gently introduced to and explore sacred gesture, movement, and energy in silence and with music, that is at once simple and accessible to everyone, and at the same time profoundly spiritual and connecting. What emerges from each of our own “dances” is a unique expression of the surrender, acceptance, peace, joy, community and love that is central to Christian and interfaith contemplative Wisdom. Each evening will also include an open Labyrinth Walk, either integrated into, or as an individual meditation prior to the guided session. Walking the Labyrinth is an ancient practice that illumines the journey of the soul’s inner path. Used as a moving prayer or meditation, the Labyrinth, along with all sacred movement, can bring insight, help us to locate Center, and deeply connect us to the Divine. Wisdom of the Body is led by Deborah Welsh and the Labyrinth Guild which includes Dona Wonacott and her harp. Having had a personal experience of the sacred that involved movement, dance, and her own deep body experience 30 years ago, Deborah has been a student and practitioner of “Body Wisdom” in many ways and with many and varied groups of people since then.

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